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Comfortcomms, founded in 1996, is a professional headset manufacturer, capable of design, R&D, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of headset products. We mainly provide our customers with comfortable, durable, innovative and high quality products, including headset, headphone, handsfree, earphone for communication, multimedia and audio industries. All these products are popular throughout more than 20 countries and regions, including USA, Europe and Japan.

With strong and experienced R&D capability, we can offer our partners with total development solutions, from product concept to design, manufacturing, quality control on to the final product, great care is taken in generating high performance merchandise. Over the past years, we have been working closely with many international companies and some well-known brands on ODM/OEM basis.

Equipped with advanced acoustic & electronic production equipments, with all in house mould workshop, plastic injection molding, cable molding, spraying, printing, speaker production & headset assembling …etc., Comfortcomms is now a leading headset ODM/OEM manufacturer in China.

Acoustic Innovation, Your Headset Expert in China, contact us right now for our high quality products.




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